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The health of our dogs is our top priority

My aim is to breed occasional litters of Australian Labradoodles on a small scale and in a domestic environment with lots of love. This is only possible and permissible if both the sire and the dam are in good health. Both dogs are therefore also tested for Hip Dysplasia, IC (Improper Coat), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) and PRA-prcd (eyes). These tests and the test results are always available and can be inspected if required, of course.

The puppies are medically examined by a certified veterinary surgeon and are all issued with a European animal passport containing a health certificate. At the same time the puppies receive their first vaccination and are chipped according to statutory regulations. The puppies are dewormed three times.

Sofie and her pups are all given high-quality food. They eat dry dog food and Carnibest, which is fresh meat containing all essential vitamins and minerals. I have had good experiences with this food and am convinced that it contributes to good health.

Early castration of seven-week-old pups goes against everything I stand for in terms of responsible and honourable breeding.

Of course, I want the breed to retain its good qualities through breeding with suitable dogs only. That is why I like to conclude a contract with the buyers of our puppies agreeing that the dog will only be sterilised/castrated at a later stage when he/she is fully grown. The age at which this is done differs per dog because many factors can play a role in this.

However, the interests of the dog always come first.

I want to be sure that the puppies end up with people who will care for them properly, offer them a sufficiently challenging existence and set boundaries where necessary through adequate training. I want them to have a loving home where they get plenty of care and attention. The coat of the Australian Labradoodle needs a certain amount of care. The owner must be willing to accept this responsibility.

You can always indicate your preference in terms of gender or colour. We will take this into account as far as possible. For us it is important to find a puppy that suits you. After about seven weeks it will be known which pup will be yours.

If you are interested in a puppy, fill in the registration form and I will contact you.