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Become a host family?

Why have we opted for the concept of host families?

We aim to perpetuate the breed in a serious manner and need new lines to achieve this. We want to place these dogs with kind families. In this way, each dog receives the attention that he or she deserves.

Normal ongoing costs such as food and good veterinarian care etc. are for the expense of the host family. Expenses related to breeding are naturally borne by us.

In the case of a male, when fully grown, we would want to use him for breeding. This means that he will stay with us now and then to breed with a female. A male will not be missed for long, limited to a few hours each time, sometimes even less.

For females it is a bit different. She will have her litters with us when she has reached the appropriate age. This means that she will stay with us for at least 9 weeks. During this time, you are of course welcome (gladly!) to visit the mother and her pups.

Due to the regular personal contact required, a host family should live a maximum of 30 minutes drive away from Schijndel. Naturally there is much more to discuss on this subject.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please send an email to: info@australianlabradoodlebrabant.nl